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“Build your institutional brand, serve your diverse communities while keeping in line with your business strategy.”

The goal of FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY is to produce long-term profitable growth by building great Franchisees.  This means consistently reinvesting in competitive advantages.  How is this possible?  Financial Literacy.  To this point FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY has a strong commitment in the 5-Step M.O.N.E.Y. System training, coaching and mentoring necessary in providing the financial literacy required to pilot a contemporary business environment.


As a Lender, you understand more than anyone that risks must be understood, measurable and manageable, and always based on knowing your ideal customer. As the world of personal and small business finance grows increasingly sophisticated, the skill set required to navigate through financial decisions becomes critical to the success and sustainability of the small to medium business owner. At the FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY we can help you, the Lender, manage risk by implementing strategies to reduce your risk exposure. Studies reveal a poor understanding of compound interest, which often results in entrepreneurs shouldering a disproportionate burden of credit line exposure. The NUMBERS in FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY training prepares each participant to plan and action every aspect of financial responsibility. Franchisees and small business owners will also gain the tools to predict and prepare for sales cycles and trends.


Diversity and inclusion have been embedded in our North American culture. The FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY provides an introductory education component aimed at the understanding of the business culture for new North American Franchisees. This integration component helps assimilate the new Franchise/owner into the North American business culture. A better understanding of this culture will provide the perception required in responding to consumer needs and objectives.


The FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY curriculum follows a systematic building approach with the built-in flexibility required to allow the participants to move through the course as they assimilate material.


As a lending institution, you always strive to provide innovative services to your business and franchise clients. We help the bank's clients build a blueprint for success. They will learn to review their business plan often and to update it whenever significant changes occur in their personal lives, in their business, and respond to marketplace fluctuations. It’s a win/win.


With this sound approach, you can help build your institutional brand, serve your diverse communities while keeping in line with your business strategy.


For more information, download our WHITEPAPER.

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